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Cafe Bateel

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| March 12, 2013 | Reviews (3)

We went to Cafe Bateel Riyadh for breakfast and were very excited to try it out after having read rave reviews about it but in the end we were disappointed by the service there. It was a Thursday morning and we arrived as a party of five people early when the place was still almost empty. We chose the open family section area which has the feel of a cafe anywhere in Europe; natural light enters from the huge windows and people are chatting in a relaxed setting.

The first taste of the poor customer service was having to wait almost 20 minutes for the waiter to acknowledge us and bring the menus.

Cafe Bateel Riyadh offers a few croissant options, muffins and other pastries, waffles, yogurts and a wide selection of eggs. Choices of coffees leave room for improvement but they do have many nice teas on the menu. I was hoping for more breakfast “packages”, they only had two, Continental and Arabic breakfast. No pancakes or crepes but they do have Belgian waffles. The egg options are fab though, they have impressive selection of egg dishes to choose from including Eggs Benedict, Egg Royale and Umbrian Frittata.

Everything we ordered arrived at the table at different times over a span of an hour and after having to remind different waiters many times about missing items. We ordered two sets of Belgian waffles but received only one serving of sauces with them. The waffles had a tiny amount of syrup sprinkled on top and a dash of whipped cream on the side but no additional syrup was available. The waffles were served with a chocolate and raspberry sauce instead. The waffle itself was perfect, soft, thick and a little bit crunchy.  It tasted even better with the raspberry sauce. The other taster however was disappointed that she couldn’t drizzle it with syrup and didn’t like either of the sauces.

The Umbrian Frittata, which comes with a price tag of 35 SAR was one of the last dishes to arrive but was well worth the wait. It was presented nicely and the dish was tasty and very fulfilling.

We had placed an order for two cheese croissants, waited for half hour and inquired about them many times. The waiter told us after almost 45 minutes from ordering that they do not even have cheese croissants and asked would we like plain ones instead. At this point my friend was in a hurry to leave and her little daughter who the croissant was for had waited the entire time without having anything to eat. They had to box her croissant to go.

Something worth trying at Cafe Bateel Riyadh are the sparkling drinks. They have choice of Pomegranate and Date sparkling drinks you can order by glass or bottle. We tried the date drink and it was so good we bought a bottle to go. It didn’t actually taste a lot like dates at all.

We had a lot of trouble getting the waiter to understand that we wanted the check separated between us, which we had mentioned from the beginning. After two revisions of the check and them trying to charge for items we didn’t even have, he still didn’t separate the check for us. We were tired of the poor service and just figured to sort the bill ourselves.

Cafe Bateel, 3.0 out of 5 based on 17 ratings
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  1. Tino says:

    I hate that the first review shown has so many negative comments. Sadly, that particular person did not have the best service. I have been to Cafe Bateel many many times and have never had complaints. We are in a country where so many speak a different native tongue with heavily accented English it is inevitable that confusion will occur.

    Both my husband and I enjoy the service and the food. Granted some items are not always available from the menu, but there are many more to choose from. We and our friends always say the the foods from other “chain” restaurants seem to be a bit “off”. It’s not bad, but just doesn’t have the taste one expects. This is not an issue at cafe Bateel. Great taste in a relaxing friendly environment. There is also an elevator for those unable to walk up the stairs.

    When the meal is complete, one can return downstairs to the small shop and purchase delicious dates, chocolates, and several other fine desserts.

    Thank you Cafe Bateel.

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  2. christine says:

    breakfast at cafe bateel. was amazing…. one of my fave place. its cozy and relaxing… and food is great… and arabic coffee is really goooooooood

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  3. Rania says:

    It is the best place we visited in Riyadh , best food , nice interior , nice service , during day if you need to relax and don’t miss the best breakfast ever. We have to go there weekly , we love it :)

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