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Lusin Restaurant

Centeria Mall, Olaya Street, 2nd Floor   Info & mapWrite a Review
Tel: 1 2939800    visit website

| May 17, 2011 | Reviews (7)

For some, a meal is just a means for curbing the appetite, but for others, it’s a way to satisfy the soul. Restaurants may sound great to fullfil such need. Some of these eating establishments have been around for years, and some are new.But how many restaurants can take their cuisine above and beyond the extraordinary? Very rare.For a restaurant to stay in business, it needs to have the best business minds. A truly magnificent dining experience isn’t just about the food. It’s about the quality of each ingredient, the creativity of each recipe, and how the menu works as a whole. It’s also about the ambience of the restaurant and the level of service you receive. WoW! Say Wallah? ok..ok.. let’s get to the point :s

If you want a meal that lives up to the highest of standards, then pick up Lusin Restuarant/ Armenian Cuisine,One and only in KSA! Of course, as much as we all love a meal at our favorite restaurant, it is important to experience something new once in a while. I’ve heard of this new restaurant from a friend.I didn’t expect much since I’ve been very critical about food,restaurants, but I was impressed! And while we’re discussing the best restaurants in Riyadh, this was for me the best, so far! Outside,the Armenian carving pillars is an eye-catching! The authentic yet modern interior design is just captivated as well. The food perfectly cooked and dishes greatly surpassed my expectations especially Cherry kebab and Eggplanet rolls ( which I’m still craving more from) There’s an interesting open oven with tasty bread , delicious smell from the kitchen was making my mouth water. Music which depends on an armenian duduk but in modern way was legendary. Waiters were polite and the manager who was full of the milk of human kindness looked professional. It was obvious that has been gave a great deal to details, so unique .The place has a great vibe and was very busy when we arrived but I still recommend it. Will be going back again for sure.

Lusin Restaurant, 4.0 out of 5 based on 21 ratings
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