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Trader Vics

Panorama Mall, Thallia St, Riyadh   Info & mapWrite a Review
Tel: 01 2814782    visit website

| May 20, 2011 | Reviews (8)

Looking for a resto bar in the city? Go to Panorama Mall, Thallia St., and find Trader Vics! Trader Vic’s is known as the first restaurant with a bar concept but does not serve any liquor, (as we are in Saudi Arabia). As for me, I love the restaurant’s setting. It has unique and beautiful ornaments, like antique tribal masks, tiki carvings and the like, that beautify the surrounding. With its inviting ambiance, no one can resist to hit the resto.

Food and drinks are amazing! My favorite appetizer is the Beef Gho-Gho. It is not just delicious but it’s fun to eat as well for you are the one to roast using the hibachi they give. Vic’s steaks are mouth-watering. Try their Beef and Reef! When it comes to drinks, Vic’s has a lot to serve. There are even party drinks or so-called “Luau drinks” which are served in different cute bowls, like tiki bowl, rum giggle, etc.Your stay in Trader Vic’s becomes even greater if the service is excellent. And that’s what I salute Trader Vic’s for! Manager and crews are very friendly and hospitable. Call them anytime and they are always at your service. So what are you waiting for? Go hit Trader Vic’s and enjoy the memorable feast!

Trader Vics, 3.0 out of 5 based on 24 ratings

This post was submitted by Annizah Camid.

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