• Bassel Habbal

TJ Garmasha Box Al Tajaz

Al Tajaz has been open since 1989, and it is one of the strong pillars fast food restaurants in the Kingdom, they are well known for their grilled and fried chicken.

TJ Gramasha Box Review and Content:

The boxes comes with 4pcs Musahab, 4pcs Chicken Fingers, 4pcs nuggets filled with cheese, fries, pepsi, and 3 kinds of sauce BBQ, Cheese, Honey Mustard, and most importantly freshly baked bread!

1- 4pcs Musahab - 7/10

2- 4pcs Chicken fingers - 6/10

3- 4pcs nuggets filled with cheese - 7.5/10

4- Sauces - 5.5/10

5- Freshly baked bread - 10/10

Total price is 27 SR

Overall rating of the meal - 7/10

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